Christo Alexander

Christo Alexander

General Manager, Asia 



Christo Alexander, General Manager of SongDivision Asia, is a versatile professional celebrated for his expertise in crafting immersive corporate experiences. With a background deeply rooted in music and event design, Christo seamlessly integrates his passion for creativity and collaboration into his work. Drawing from his diverse skill set, Christo designs dynamic team-building activities and interactive workshops that captivate audiences and drive meaningful connections. His innovative approach, coupled with a keen understanding of client needs, ensures each event is tailored to perfection. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is an advocate for community engagement and social impact. He actively seeks opportunities to give back, demonstrating leadership and compassion both on and off the stage. With a commitment to excellence and a knack for bringing people together, Christo Alexander will act as MC for UFI Congress 2024 with the same passion and creativity that is synonymous with SongDivision.

Speaker on

Opening of Asia-Pacific Conference

03/07/2024 | 14:00 - 14:15 (GMT+08:00) Hong Kong| Ballroom 7401AB-7504, Level 5, the Parisian Macao

Re-opening of Asia-Pacific Conference

03/08/2024 | 09:00 - 09:10 (GMT+08:00) Hong Kong| Ballroom 7401AB-7504, Level 5, the Parisian Macao